Trump – The Villain The World Needs


Unless you’ve been hidden under a rock for the past year or so you may have heard about a certain Presidential race between Hillary Clinton and what I can only describe as an angry, sentient orange with hair resembling that which grows on top of mould. (If you’ve been living under said rock, you’ve missed out – it’s been a hell of a ride!)

Yes – Donald Trump, the walking, golden faced cancer could potentially become President of one of the most powerful countries in the world. Many have had theories as to how he’s ended up in such a position as the Republican nominee along with others doubting he’s even a real person – instead being a plant to rig the election for Clinton.

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We’re all just a bunch of kids!

“You imbecile. I’m trying to watch Hanks Zipser the greatest show of all time” – a response from my glowing, lovely little eight year old sister when I attempt to ask her how her first day back at school was as her eyes have made an unbreakable bond with her ipad.


Why shouldn’t this be the correct response to such an open question? Back at her age I sat on my gameboy ignoring the exact same question, it was just a lot less colourful than it is now. Then I got thinking, what would happen if nobody matured from that age? Where would our world be at?


Sure, y’know…an obvious excuse is to look no further than global politics right now (Donald Trump as exhibit A but he’s an easy target). End of post. No, I’d prefer to look a bit more into it, where would we be at with music? Films? Literature? Religion? I could go on!

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So urm…been busy tonight? 

We’ve all been there. Those awkward encounters with members of the public who offer a service to you in some way. Whether it’s a taxi home after drinking yourself to oblivion or forced smalltalk whilst having your hair cut, for a lot of us it is a struggle.

Some may struggle with confidence issues which makes it difficult from the get go, just dreading that forced social interaction with the hairdresser. There are several ways to approach this and for a socially awkward person like myself I start to think of different topics of discussion before the inevitable.


‘So, do you watch football?’ ‘no, not really into it’
‘Ah, seen any films at the cinema recently?’ ‘Not really into any of them, it’s all superhero crap at the moment’
‘So, any holidays coming up?’ ‘Nope’
‘How ’bout Scarlett Johansson ay? She’s pretty fit’ ‘I’m gay’
‘Know any good places round here to visit?’ ‘fuck off’

Safe to say situations like the above do happen pretty often (okay, maybe not the last one). You slowly go through your checklist of ‘go to’ small talk with a barrier in the form of an antisocial bloke with scissors in his hand. Once I managed to find a 2 minute discussion on what nice weather we were having but safe to say that can only last so long. He knows it, I know it, we’re not going to be chums after this so maybe we should both shut up and let him get on with it.

Or should we…

Recently I’ve tried a new tactic and it works really well. I decide to make up a completely different persona each time (which will most definitely backfire). I’ve been called Gareth, had two kids, lived half of my life in Sweden – the usual. The amount of sheer bullshit that leaves my mouth keeps them interested enough to escape the awkward silence.
Yes, I know. I’m a compulsive liar, yet who cares? If I ever have to see this guy again it’s going to be about six weeks away and I’ll have a completely different set of hair, definitely won’t be recognisable. If you’re socially awkward and struggle at these encounters I definitely recommend waffling pure codswallop for forty minutes. Just don’t step too far and talk about all this imaginary money you have, they’ll think you’re a wanker and expect a decent tip.

Then we have the bane of social awkwardness – the lone taxi ride. I shudder just thinking about it. We all know how it goes…

‘So, been busy tonight?’
‘What time did you start/finish’
‘Thought of moving to Uber?’
‘Bet you get some right characters in here’


We all know the clichés , as do the taxi drivers . I recently asked my taxi driver in Altrincham about 2am one Saturday morning all of the above. Then I did the unthinkable – I asked him how often he gets asked these questions. His response was expected; ‘every damn ride’.
Luckily this particular driver had a decent sense of humour and I was able to keep this topic going till journey’s end. We laughed about how self aware everyone in the above scenario is and how at the end of the day, there’s much more to discuss and find out about someone on a car journey. I learnt that he was a Muslim man who had moved to England with his wife and kids about six years ago, naturally I enquired about the religion and what he thinks of the media bias right now regarding Muslims. The gent was happy to oblige and I ended up drunkenly spewing all sorts of nonsense at the man who was so glad to speak to someone about something he cares about that around five minutes had passed after he’d parked up as I sat outside my house and carried on the conversation.


These encounters are as awkward as we make them. Us Brits in particular are known as very reserved with strangers. Sometimes we forget that they’re in the same situation too and it’s possible to brighten up someone’s day whether it be through deep meaningful drunk chats with strangers or general rubbish with the local barber.

Let’s talk about sex… 

In this day and age many boundaries have been broken, taboos have become tadoos and yet there is one topic for discussion which is almost as infamous as Voldemort. Of course, I’m talking about sex.

Now I’m not talking about preferences and desires in the bedroom – that’s a private and intimate choice that the average person would not be comfortable conveying to the world. I’m talking about the general topic.

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Nostalgia is a hell of a drug

That constant yearn for something in your past that you may never accomplish visiting again hits us all. I myself can get extremely nostalgic, forever wanting to live in the ‘good old days’. The truth, quite simply is there probably weren’t good old days, just shut up Frank (see what I did there? I’m self aware!). Sure, you may have been richer, slimmer, somewhere more exotic or all of the above but the day to day struggle of being an actual human comes with plenty of issues.


Take for example being a child. Everyone has those moments where they wish they could revisit their youth; playing on the climbing frame, getting up at seven to watch some cartoons on a Saturday. Your worries were quite simply how long would it take for your parents to notice that it’s an hour past your bedtime or how many lollypops you need to take into class on your birthday.
“But we didn’t have to worry about bills or finding a job.” – True, but can you honestly say that the levels of stress you feel at times in your life weren’t exactly the same as something so trivial back then? In hindsight running around the house stark bollock naked shouting ‘NO CLOTHES ON!’ was indeed an easier time when you were a kid – not that I do that now or anything, but back then you were still worrying about aspects of your life that may even seem laughable now.

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First half of 2016? (Spoilers: It’s messy)

Well we’re halfway through and it’s safe to say it’s been an eventful year! It seems only yesterday I was looking up at the fireworks in Queenstown foolishly excited for what would turn out to be the strangest six pages of a calendar so far (in my lifetime anyway!).


‘After all this time? Always’
For any hardcore Potter junkie that line would’ve choked them up since first reading it. 2016 has decided that it had lost it’s novelty and began furiously killing off many popular figures including one of my favourite actors, Alan Rickman. The distinguishable, dry voice of Mr Hans Gruber himself will sadly never be spoken again.
Speaking of voices we lost several legends of music in 2016’s early killing spree with David Bowie biting the dust and Prince also leaving this earth.
Other notable figures include the unforgettable Muhammad Ali, Ronnie Corbett, Harper Lee and Terry Wogan. It doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon either with Caroline Aherne recently losing her battle with cancer. It’s got to the point where if someone is trending on twitter I automatically assume they’ve been beaten by this year too.

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MUSIC or: How I learned to stop worrying and enjoy Cherry Bomb. 

Music can tell you a lot about yourself and others. It could even be argued that music has become one of the most vital elements of the world.

Asking what music you listen to is a question often asked when first getting to know someone and attempt smalltalk – amongst other impossible questions such as ‘what’s your favourite film?’ or the awkward to answer ‘tell me about yourself?’. A regular response is ‘bit of everything actually’. Everything actually?  Everything counts as DMX to Three Days Grace all the way down to Paris Hilton’s failed music career. Its simply not true… Then I find myself considering my favourite type and I think to myself ‘mmm, bit of everything really’.

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