Etiquette in the English sun (or lack of)

I’m sure we’ve noticed it’s finally getting to that time of the year where rather than no sun at all, we get random spouts mixed in with the normality of rain. Perhaps you’re thinking it’s time to dust off the BBQ, maybe do the garden up a tad before the inevitable clouds take everything back to the crappy, rainy status quo. Maybe you’re even thnking of sneaking off to the beer garden for a few ‘cheeky’ pints after work – or before, if you start late and enjoy the risk!

All of that’s great, enjoy the weather whilst it’s still possible to (except perhaps drinking before work, may end up in tears).

One thing that isn’t particularly great is how us Brits fail to know how to behave during this excitingly sweaty weather!

During this current spout I’ve personally noticed on around 5 different occasions guys seemingly allergic to clothes from the waist up, waltzing about like they’re in some sort of crowded giant oven. Some of these blokes look like they only leave the gym when the sun is out, I’d likely get a few cringey looks if I threw my beer belly out into the public eye! That’s not to say they’re all 1% body fat doing this, there’s a fare share of middle aged, balding men with flood warnings coming from their moobs who have also decided to grace us with half a birthday suit.

Adding to this issue we seem to have the opposite side of the spectrum. For those of us that have a workout that involves mainly lifting your arm to put food in your mouth we have no idea what to wear on these occasions. I find myself even on the hottest days taking a jacket out just incase our unpredictable weather decides we’ve enjoyed the sun too much. Shorts? Probably not, might get windy. I’ll throw some sunglasses on making my summer wear exactly the same as every other part of the year save for one item. Perhaps I should just fear for the worst and shove a raincoat on! Then of course, I get annoyed at my sticky, wet clothes as if they asked me if I’d take them out to see the sun.

We as a country struggle with hot weather, it won’t change as we’ll never be used to it. We moan about never having the sun and once it’s here we find ourselves moaning that it’s too hot. What can we do about this? I say let’s carry on as normal – keep on with the stubborn British way and moan till the weather listens to us!


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