The art of arguing

Arguments, we all have them. Some arguments are incredibly ‘where were you last night’ serious and some are just downright ‘I told you I wanted spaghetti, not beans’ silly.
The art of arguing is something that has existed since humanity began. Sure, back in the Neanderthal years there was slightly more physical, possibly deadly consequences and slightly less decorum in regards to who gets to smack a particular rock that day.

In a lot of ways arguing is a brilliant way of getting a passionate point across to an opponent, it can even be considered as a ‘debate’ when spoken in a civilized manner. Take a debate I had for example, on the best type of pizza which is pepperoni of course, with jalapeños, possibly some beef and garlic yoghurt. This particular one didn’t end up looking like some kind of Shakespearean Jeremy Kyle-esque scenario. Yet, an example of arguing that doesn’t bode well is my sister bringing on the apocalypse and the four horsemen (portrayed accurately by four teddies) when she sometimes argues against doing her homework – who can blame her? She’s 8 and homework sucks right?

Arguments can be stressful and hurtful. Some individuals find that after some arguments with friends/family that it’s practically impossible to ever be happy with their rival again. Sometimes this might just be the case however, you should always ask yourself whether or not these heat of the moment situations are worth destroying what can sometimes amount to an entire lifesworth of friendship. I vote no, personally. There’s always a room for redemption (unless you like pineapple on a pizza, you awful person).

Then you have arguments that you know you’ve lost halfway through. Whether it be a case of ‘damn, they’re actually right’ or ‘damn, they’re stubborn’ – we’ve all been there. I once argued the case that Bruno Mars could be this generation’s Michael Jackson. Please don’t hurt me, opinions change! If you know of anyone who’s never lost an argument in their entire life that is an impressive feat, perhaps you should take them on. Quite often in these situations I’ve found myself thinking about the pros and cons of backing down. If I give in, then I lose! ‘Giving in’ to an argument can be a pretty large blow to your self esteem I admit, especially when you realise you’re completely in the wrong. The saying is true though, it takes a bigger person to apologise and admit defeat than it does to snark on about how Jar Jar Binks was the best thing to happen to Star Wars.

Finally though, if everyone stopped arguing and we came to some sort of world peace, it’d be pretty boring. Everything would be deeply hidden inside, which could cause people to suddenly combust like that nonsense about pigeons being fed rice. If you disagree, I’ll argue with that!

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