Comin’ over here making us read the Quran!


Immigrants. Muslims. Halal. Islam.
These are just a few key words that strike a nerve with a disturbing amount of the world these days. Look at most articles reporting anything slightly related to these words and you’ll notice they try as hard as they can to throw them into the headline to spark an endless debate. Soon enough they’ll start throwing these words in to get visitors attracted to their websites when they’re not even related to the article. ’10 films to watch this year to stop IMMIGRATION’ or ‘How to make the best pizza that’s not HALAL’. Who can blame the media? Their job is to report what’s in the public eye to gain as much interest as possible to their websites or to buy their papers, yet sadly the public’s focus is on hate and an over the top ‘us versus them’ mentality.
Hang on…that’s not true, the fear and xenophobic reactions are almost entirely DUE to the media.

It’s safe to say that everyone in the world has an agenda of some sort. Whether it’s as small as aiming to be healthy or as large as deciding to start a business – we all have agendas. The media have agendas too, take for example the race obsessed Daily Mail (soon enough they’ll probably report that reading other news sources cause some sort of Muslim cancer pedophilic disease) or loveable old Murdoch and his agenda to destroy the entire world with his monopoly on the media like Sky News, The Sun, Fox News, The New York Post, The Times, The Herald amongst many others all around the world.


Now without even going into Murdoch and how his brain works it’s safe to say that men like him with that amount of influence will be able to sway the masses into his way of thinking. A politician/celebrity pisses News Corporation off? They’ll dig up anything they possibly can and sometimes even lie about their findings just to destroy people.
To get page views, TV ratings and papers bought these conglomerates have to try to appeal to a large audience. Now remember – nobody’s going to buy a paper, click on a website or turn on the news for them to report that nothing of interest is currently happening. These guys are going to use the most ludicrous hyperbolic language possible along with a tag making sure you’re aware that it’s BREAKING NEWS. In short, they are very clever – many focus groups, research and money has led to one unstoppable human emotion for their selling point – fear.

hqdefault (1)

Which brings me back to those pesky job thieves! You walk into the office one day and there’s an arabic man sat wearing your clothes doing all your work, turns out you’re sacked because muslims! Those bloody migrants taking all our benefits at their local ‘Money 4 Muslims’ buildings that the government has enforced. Even those Muslims that were born here are destroying the UK! Soon enough we’ll all have monthly memberships to our local mosques that we politely keep paying because like a gym, you want to avoid the ‘cancellation discussion’ at all costs. The media know that there’s an issue with some extremists in the world and what better way to grab a few Facebook likes than to hype it up? Muslims have unfortunately won the award for villain of the decade at a ceremony hosted and funded entirely by those in power who want them to be. Runner ups include the Polish community, cannabis and Ainsley Harriott’s determination to touch everything he can.

First off, yes we all get it. There are those who are threatening our way of life with tragic events such as the attacks on Paris and Brussels, 9/11 and the under the radar bombings in Kabul, Baghdad and Zliten amongst many more all over the world. However, without condoning a single thing they’ve done many have turned to these extreme measures in retaliation to our demolition of their way of life. Furthermore, the real crux of this is that we forget that it’s a minority that are involved in these radical groups. Just like not every Catholic priest is touching your children, not every politician only care for themselves and not every McDonalds burger is made of shi-nevermind, forget that last one.

Not every Muslim endorses terrorism, and furiously typing a Facebook status about how you’re going to boycott the local takeaway is not going to solve anything other than probably spare you from gaining a few pounds (or losing, economically speaking). Changing your profile picture to a picture of  the union jack whilst declaring how proud you are to be British and that ‘the country is going to waste’ is also not going to do anything of value other than show a lot of ignorance, especially the English that have migrated to Spain and surrounding areas. I’m not trying to offend anyone who does this, chances are – you’ve fallen for the media’s narrative thus feeding their agenda but it’s not too late to stop sharing Britain First links and it’s definitely not too late to  stop  shaving your head and joining the EDL.
I’m not going to pretend I know a lot about anything when it comes to the Muslim faith and frankly I personally don’t agree with many aspects of religion itself. One thing I do know is that we’re all human beings – except Scientologists, I don’t even know what species their members are.
To actively hate another human being that you know nothing about other than their faith astounds me (I understand the hypocrisy regarding scientology here but wow, why do they exist?) and it’s becoming easier and easier to see these people as vermin depending on what nonsense you read.


If you haven’t switched off your brain by now first off thank you, secondly please spare a moment or two educating someone on the matter if they spark up something they’ve read about all muslims burning poppy’s, banning the word Christmas or petitioning to get Peppa pig off of the air in fear of ‘offending’ muslims. Life is far too short to focus all your energy on hating a community that just want to be accepted. We have a lot of space in the UK available for everyone to live the life they want and it’s easy to forget that many immigrants are here because they fear for their lives in their native countries.

Finally, immigration IS an issue and perhaps our government does need to bring in extra checks to ensure the public’s safety. The danger is real and there are people out there that want to take out their anger and hatred in the worst way possible. That gives you as a person no excuse to stoop to their level but to accept everyone for who they are and understand that this ‘us versus them’ mentality will only fuel the issue.



2 thoughts on “Comin’ over here making us read the Quran!”

  1. Honestly I thought this was written in the U.S. for a moment. I think that speaks volumes about how the culture is across the globe.


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