Trump – The Villain The World Needs


Unless you’ve been hidden under a rock for the past year or so you may have heard about a certain Presidential race between Hillary Clinton and what I can only describe as an angry, sentient orange with hair resembling that which grows on top of mould. (If you’ve been living under said rock, you’ve missed out – it’s been a hell of a ride!)

Yes – Donald Trump, the walking, golden faced cancer could potentially become President of one of the most powerful countries in the world. Many have had theories as to how he’s ended up in such a position as the Republican nominee along with others doubting he’s even a real person – instead being a plant to rig the election for Clinton.


Unfortunately for them, Trump is either very real or he’s been playing the long con since birth. This election has involved so many controversies and accusations on both sides of the political spectrum early on – however, now it’s spiralled out of control to the point where some can’t even comprehend their own reality (House of Cards season five – you have A LOT to live up to…)

Personally, for me the whole election has brought out a ton of reactions including laughter, shock and anger (and that was just the Democratic Primaries!)

Trump may be the best thing in modern history to ever happen if we’re trying to be optimistic about the whole situation. His vile slurs and irrational, deluded behaviour has resulted in various discussions and actions from all corners of the media to which his response seems to be either accusatory and defensive or more often than not – digging into a deeper hole.


Trump has single handedly managed to give the ‘deplorables’ a voice, they’ve come out of the woodwork proudly spreading racist, misogynistic, bottom of the gutter opinions for all to hear. We should be happy that Trump has happened because these people have nowhere to hide now. Standing by a candidate like this small-handed, narcissistic orangutan is at this point unforgivable.


Trump’s controversies seem to breed new controversies by the day (if not the hour) and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep up. Whether it be insinuating his supporters shoot his opponents, suggesting banning a whole religion from a country or inflating his own ego repeating that he has the best of everything whether it be temperament or nonsensical babblings that seem to qualify as policies.  As of right now he’s in the middle of a shit storm regarding accusations of sexual assault from multiple women (including a case from 1994 involving a 13 year old girl) along with the already infamous leaked recording of him boasting about ‘grabbing women by the pussy’. Once again – this man could become President if Americans don’t go out and vote.


Most of the media have now openly denounced Trump along with many high profile celebrities such as Robert DeNiro and Tom Hanks. Furthermore, many Republicans have stated that they will not endorse Trump after his 5946th scandal (as if to say the other 5945 weren’t enough).
Whatever happens, the Republicans will be taking a good look at themselves after the election and hopefully get rid of the swamp rats that have any support for Trump’s ideologies thus becoming a greater rival to the Democrats in the long term which could help both parties. Wherever you stand on the political spectrum whether it be left, right or centre – you should feel comfortable supporting the ‘voice’ of your party without feeling ashamed every single day.

I speak to people regarding their opinions of this xenophobic wotsit and a surprising amount of conversations seem to have a certain type of attitude – ‘haha, yes he’s fucking mental. Would be funny if he got in’. Yes, he is fucking mental, which is exactly why it wouldn’t be funny if he got in.


Trump is exactly what the world needs at this moment, for humanity to reflect on itself and realise how ridiculous everything has gotten. If I had to list one positive of a Trump presidency it would be that the current state of global politics would be no more, there would inevitably be an intervention of sorts and a real collapse of the current system which I would argue is much needed.

When scientists are creating vaccines, they must first inject the disease. Trump can be our injection to finally cure some aspects of Western politics.

Thank you Donald Trump, you’ve truly shown how pathetic and insane politics are today, you’re most definitely the villain that we need to highlight who our true heroes are. You may in fact indirectly help make America great again.


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