Let’s talk about sex… 

In this day and age many boundaries have been broken, taboos have become tadoos and yet there is one topic for discussion which is almost as infamous as Voldemort. Of course, I’m talking about sex.

Now I’m not talking about preferences and desires in the bedroom – that’s a private and intimate choice that the average person would not be comfortable conveying to the world. I’m talking about the general topic.

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First half of 2016? (Spoilers: It’s messy)

Well we’re halfway through and it’s safe to say it’s been an eventful year! It seems only yesterday I was looking up at the fireworks in Queenstown foolishly excited for what would turn out to be the strangest six pages of a calendar so far (in my lifetime anyway!).


‘After all this time? Always’
For any hardcore Potter junkie that line would’ve choked them up since first reading it. 2016 has decided that it had lost it’s novelty and began furiously killing off many popular figures including one of my favourite actors, Alan Rickman. The distinguishable, dry voice of Mr Hans Gruber himself will sadly never be spoken again.
Speaking of voices we lost several legends of music in 2016’s early killing spree with David Bowie biting the dust and Prince also leaving this earth.
Other notable figures include the unforgettable Muhammad Ali, Ronnie Corbett, Harper Lee and Terry Wogan. It doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon either with Caroline Aherne recently losing her battle with cancer. It’s got to the point where if someone is trending on twitter I automatically assume they’ve been beaten by this year too.

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Why we should give Ghostbusters (2016) a chance


Ghostbusters – the majority of the world have seen it. For the most part we’ve enjoyed every minute of it from Bill Murray giving the guy at the start electric shocks while flirting with his student right down to raining marshmallow over New York. I think we can all agree that this is a fantastic, fun and sometimes scary (looking at you, hellhounds) popcorn film which will forever be given a status of rewatchability for the masses amongst masterpieces such as Jaws, Jurassic Park and Star Wars. I could harp on about reasons this film deserves legendary status for days, but you get the gist.

Which brings me to the remake/reboot (we’re still unsure of this). Y’know, the film that not one of us has seen yet and is somehow already hated by a majority (or a very loud minority). It’s almost become some sort of badge of honour to announce how terrible this film that we haven’t seen is going to be.

It’s the most disliked film trailer of all time on Youtube, compared to such delightful trailers like Adam Sandler’s ‘Jack and Jill’ or ‘I Frankenstein’ to my complete disbelief. Even disliking a few of the jokes in the trailer, or even the actresses involved – to be given the award for most disliked trailer of all time is a pretty serious defeat for the film.

This isn’t in defense of a film I’ve not seen yet, because the same argument can be applied to people defending the film, I just think the hyperbole of hate is beyond ridiculous.

What I think it comes down to is people have been disgruntled with the idea of remakes for quite some time now, and this frustration can reach two levels. One being that they’re annoyed about the lack of fresh ideas hitting the big screen (I would argue that case, as there are several new stories in film that are brought to us each year), another being that a remake tarnishes the original.

The obvious argument to the latter is to be told ‘don’t watch the new one then’ which to an extent is a perfectly fine statement to make however; I can completely understand where the angry group are coming from. My personal go to is The Hobbit, which to me will forever be the bane of the Lord of the Rings universe. If I was told ‘just don’t watch it then’ to that then I find myself trying to explain ‘that’s not the point’.

Remakes are here, they’ve been here for a long time now. Some will work, some won’t – but don’t put all your energy into an opinion based on a small trailer.

I for one will give this a chance. I’m not even a huge fan of the actresses’ previous films but this particular remake/reboot seems like it could work. It’s not like they’ve rushed into making it and not unlikely that if this was in the real world that a group of women may take on the idea that Murray, Ramis and folks had back then. This is hopefully also a large step (albeit not the first) towards the abolishment of sexism in the film industry. Who knows? It might even be (dare I say it) a funny film and if not, I’ll get over it.