Nostalgia is a hell of a drug

That constant yearn for something in your past that you may never accomplish visiting again hits us all. I myself can get extremely nostalgic, forever wanting to live in the ‘good old days’. The truth, quite simply is there probably weren’t good old days, just shut up Frank (see what I did there? I’m self aware!). Sure, you may have been richer, slimmer, somewhere more exotic or all of the above but the day to day struggle of being an actual human comes with plenty of issues.


Take for example being a child. Everyone has those moments where they wish they could revisit their youth; playing on the climbing frame, getting up at seven to watch some cartoons on a Saturday. Your worries were quite simply how long would it take for your parents to notice that it’s an hour past your bedtime or how many lollypops you need to take into class on your birthday.
“But we didn’t have to worry about bills or finding a job.” – True, but can you honestly say that the levels of stress you feel at times in your life weren’t exactly the same as something so trivial back then? In hindsight running around the house stark bollock naked shouting ‘NO CLOTHES ON!’ was indeed an easier time when you were a kid – not that I do that now or anything, but back then you were still worrying about aspects of your life that may even seem laughable now.

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Yet another post about what it means to hit your twenties (without a degree)

You’ve made it, you’re finally out of the dreaded teenage years where all you wanted to do was become an adult – what’s that? You want to go back?

That’s right folks, all those years of being a spotty, awkward teenager clinging onto hope that the grass is greener on the other side to learn that perhaps the previous shade of green might be better suited. Mind you, you’ve had your whole ridiculously small 20 years of life being told that you’ll regret wishing you were an adult. (Who’d have thought, parents were right?)

But c’est la vie, we’re here now. Whatever decisions you’ve made; good or bad, it’s time to move on. We’re collectively in a frame of mind where we have no idea what to do with our lives. We’re freaking out, major decisions need to be made now!

1) “I need to start my career – NOW!”

No, you don’t. Yes you may not be getting paid as much as your friends/family right now but if you’re unsure of what to do in life then take your time. On average you’ve probably only used about a quarter of your life yet! Personally, I recommend travelling if you can afford it (New Zealand in particular is beautiful!) whilst considering your options – who knows, you may find a preferred career elsewhere in the world!

2) “Everyone’s having babies/getting married. I need to find someone quickly!”

No, you don’t. This is yet another ‘major’ decision that’s ‘needed’ whilst in your twenties. You need to hurry up and find a significant other as soon as possible, or you’ll end up alone! Don’t believe a word of it, some people are happier for the time being without trying to balance their own lives with someone else.

3) “I don’t know what I want to do though, I have no skills. I should’ve gone to University”

This one can be argued either way. I’m 23 and didn’t graduate from University yet I’m still actively learning in my own time every day about topics that interest me. I’d say the best thing to do in this situation is take into consideration all of those hobbies you’ve had/still have. Is there any relation to these that could involve a career?

Most importantly though, if there’s one thing you can learn from speaking to older generations is that you’re never sure when it comes to your own life.

The best option is always do what makes you happy.